FLCounter is a new flag counter flash widget for sites based on WordPress.

FLCounter widget is an efficient visitors counter. It shows the number of your site's visitors and countries they came from in the last 24 hours, month, year or all the time. Also it is appealing and will dreess up any website.

You can place FLCounter widget in the sidebar or add it to any page or post.


Current version: 1.02
Requires at least: WP 2.8
Downloads: 2003


It's quite simple to install the widget. Just follow the next steps:

  1. Download, unzip “FLCounter” archive and put the 'flcounter' folder to wordpress plugins folder (/wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu in WP-admin panel.
  3. Click ‘FLCounter’ on the left in WP-admin panel to adjust parameters.
  4. Use Appearance » Widgets to place widget at sidebar or use special template code [flcounter] to place the widget into a page or post.


You can adjust several parameters to fit the widget best for your site.

  • set appropriate width from 120 pixels to 320 pixels
  • set appropriate columns and rows number
  • choose text color, border color, background color for the widget
  • select period for visitors to show
  • select special parameters to show: country code, pageviews, countries count


WP-Admin page: FLCounter settings

WP-Admin page: FLCounter settings

You can use color picker to set the colors.

You can use color picker to det the colors.

Other Notes

When you add the FLCounter to the sidebar don't forget to set the correct width for the widget. The FLcounter shouldn’t be wider than the sidebar width.

Widget colors should be set as a hexadecimal value, from 000000 (black) to ffffff (white). Just as colors in CSS but without # in front of the value! If you do not know about the hexademical values for the colors you can use built-in color picker.